I am happy to see individuals of any age, status or background, treating all to the best of my ability. I will treat you in your own home or hospital.

Here is a guide to my typical charges:

  • Assessment and /or advice – £15 (reduced to £10 when followed by treatment)
  • Routine nail cutting – £28.00 per session
  • Treating neglected or thickened nails – £35.00
  • Nail cutting plus corn or callus removal – £35.00
  • Nail cutting, corn removal and reduction of large areas of callus – £40.00
  • Individuals vary but the above prices may be reduced for return visits.

Treatment sessions include offering advice on footwear and ongoing footcare, any necessary dressings and application of Swedish foot cream.

Footcare products are charged extra (nail and foot files, Swedish foot cream, gel protective devices, ‘Nourish Your Nails’ oil, etc.).