I am able to diagnose and treat many common foot conditions including the following:

  • Corns / calluses

Corns and calluses develop as a result of excessive stress on the skin, e.g. under the ball of the foot or heel, close to the edges of nails, on the ends of toes or over the top of toe joints and can be very uncomfortable. Without regular attention, they are liable to recur. More details here: Corns and calluses

  • Plantar warts / verrucae

A verruca or plantar wart is caused by a viral infection and very contagious, especially in damp areas such as changing rooms. These can be unsightly and may spread. They may be left to clear spontaneously or treated in a number of ways. More details here: Warts and verrucae

  • Athlete’s Foot

This is a very common foot infection that can occur between the toes and/or on the sole or edge of the foot. The symptoms, which can be mild to severe, include itching, dryness, redness and even a burning sensation. More details here: Athlete’s foot

  • Ingrowing and problem nails

Sometimes the sides of nails pierce the surrounding skin or become thickened and difficult to manage. Swelling or tenderness alongside the nail can indicate infection, which should be cleared before treating the nail itself.

  • Fungal nails

Fungal nails are characteristically thick and discoloured. There is usually a history of trauma to the affected nails and tend to occur in conjunction with Athlete’s Foot infection.They require careful management and usually respond well to treatment. More details here: Fungal nails

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